Microbus Hire and Microbus Hire in Dhaka

Microbus Hire | Hiace, Noah Microbus Rent in Dhaka

we have a great collection of microbuses like Noah Microbus and Hiace, You can hire Noah or Hiace microbus without any hassle. Generally, 7 – 10 people can be seated in a microbus. which is perfect for single-family and small groups of friends. Microbus Hire is easier at Bus Rent Dhaka.

Noah Microbus Hire in Dhaka

Noah Microbus

HiAce Microbus Hire in Dhaka

HiAce Microbus


Microbus Rental

we always offer our microbus at an affordable price. Microbus rental for a drop trip can be 1,500 to 3,000 inside Dhaka City. Meanwhile, the body rent for a microbus can be 2,000 to 4,000 except for fuels. You can hire a microbus including all packages. Then we need your requirement to offer a price. Please call or message us to know.

Microbus Model

we have microbuses older model to the latest model so please let us know which one you want to hire.

Why From Us

We provide all kinds of Microbus at an affordable price and the latest model. We wash our microbus regularly. We use air fresheners and perfumed spray. We also provide perfumed tissue to the passengers. So, please contact us. Call or WhatsApp +8801974879000